10 more specific places where Founders can look for Product Market Fit as per NFX Team here.

  1. Taking an existing activity and making it 10X easier.
  2. Make an existing activity 10X better (& networked).
  3. Create new inventory to be sold in a marketplace.
  4. Discover new willingness to pay.
  5. Connect a group of people that were not visibly connected before.
  6. Give people a new or easier way to make money.
  7. Turn something digital that isn’t digital.
  8. Find a way to offer 0 pricing.
  9. Create a young version of a proven product.
  10. Find a new ‘pleasure center’ in the mind.

One interesting approach — “ Create new inventory to be sold in a marketplace.”

How to create new inventory?

Here are few examples:

  • Houzz creates inventory of Home Improvement Professionals
  • Teacherpayteacher.com creates inventory of educational material.

How to find out new inventory opportunity?